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The Somaliland Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture (SCCIA) is an independent employers&; organization, which since 1993 has played a vital role in representing and serving the sectors of commerce, industry and agriculture in Somaliland.

The Chamber stands always ready to speak, act, offer guidance and assistance to businesses of all types and forge new bonds of commercial cooperation between Somaliland and the rest of the world.

The aims and objectives of the Chamber are to contribute to its utmost by all possible means at its disposal for the early recovery and development of the national economy. Moreover the chamber shall serve as the first point of contact for the business visitors interested to trade with, or invest in Somaliland, who can offer detailed data about the local market and trends in the economy.

We look forward to continue our efforts on further developing the Chamber services with the support of and for the benefit of our members and the business community as a whole.
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